• 1. It’s required to be aware of the system’s general provisions and basic rules in order to use our company’s services. The current provision includes the following conditions:
    - the customer must read all the Agreement terms and accept them. The services become available after getting confirmation;
    - the administration has the right to change or exclude any items, contained in the documents, at its own discretion. Updated data are deemed relevant after publication on the resource.
  • 2. The customer is obliged to permanently terminate cooperation with our company if he doesn’t agree with the Agreement’s updated terms.


  • 1. Registration is required. The customer confirms the current Agreement’s regulations by registering on our resource. Only those, reaching the adulthood, have an opportunity to start cooperation with our company. Successful registration completion indicates that the customer confirms the actions nature, taken on
  • 2. One customer is entitled to create one account only. The administration is entitled to block our account if reveling multiple user’s accounts. Cash is not refunded from the account.
  • 3. The customer is provided with an opportunity to independently choose a password and login. The data are not transferable to third parties, the user is personally liable for his account.


  • 1. The service regularly ensures each customer's data confidentiality. The administration is entitled to temporarily or permanently block a user account, if revealing the following violations:
  • 2. Cash accrual and payment is carried out within the selected investment tariff. Cash is withdrawn manually in the deposit opening currency on weekdays only.
  • 3. The administration advises the customers to Sign Up on a resource with complex passwords and logins. The administration is not responsible for the data safety and invulnerability in cases of fraudsters.